As the elements of the Nautilus  shell depend on each other to support the whole, Richard Weingardt chose this model of nature to emulate the path of our professional design, relationships with each other and our clients.

Founded in 1966, Richard Weingardt Consultants Inc. has completed more than 5,000 major projects worldwide. Richard Weingardt worked with the men he trusted since the inception of our firm over 52 years ago.  Currently, the production management team is under the direction of Vice President, Thomas C. Fast (42 years) an Darren Fox, P.E, (25 years). Working together they have continually met the challenges of sound design.  Staying at the forefront of innovative and cost-effective designs, RWC Inc. has been the recipient of over 100 engineering awards.

“During our firm’s 75 year history, we have worked with many engineering firms, all around the world. Weingardt is by far, the best structural and firm we work with. Not only are they incredibly competent and capable of designing the most complex and sophisticated structures, but their fees are reasonable, and they are the most congenial and friendly people I know. When we have working meetings, such as value engineering sessions, they come ready to work, and actually design right in front of us! In fact, we always encourage Owners to add them to our team, whenever possible. We prefer Weingardt.”

Angela O’Byrne, FAIA, LEED AP, President
Perez APC

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