Richard Weingardt Legacy

Remembering Rich

March 23, 1938 to September 24,2013

Rich’s zest for life is what I remember,
He had the courage to trust himself,
He had confidence without approval,
He had the strength to fight the hardest of battles,
He had the wisdom to weigh the outcome of his decisions,
He understood the challenges of the people he dealt with
and willingly gave compassion to their struggles.
He had the ability to love his family in all situations.

He had confidence and will always have confidence in John, Tom, Dave H. Darren, Ryan, Dave W. and Evie. He enjoyed and was satisfied with the forming and everyday experiences of his consulting engineering firm, Richard Weingardt Consultants Inc.

He had the desire to build things strong enough to last and the insight to fix things that were broken, especially in his dealings with others.

There was always an excitement of a new discovery, especially when travelling and meeting new people.

The respect and appreciation of great minds helped him grow himself through well-written books, tasteful music and meaningful art.

His passion for life lives on. He told me somtimes three and four times daily he was the “luckiest man alive.”
I think he made his own luck.

Evie Weingardt

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