Engineering Legends

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Engineering Legends    Behind every great American civil engineering accomplishment, there is a great American civil engineer. Throughout history civil engineers have made an enormous impact on the progress and development of this nation.  While their engineering achievements are regularly recognized, the engineers themselves are rarely discussed. “Legends” provides a unique view into the history and progress of 32 of these ingenious people, from the 1700s to the present. It explores their personal lives and professional accomplishments. The book also illustrates the diversity surrounding these engineers: differing backgrounds motives for their work, Practicing and aspiring civil engineers alike will be inspired.See Readers Comments

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Circles in the Sky   In the summer of 1893, at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, an engineering marvel was unveiled and immediately captured the world’s attention.This book is the first full-length biography of George Ferris. He was a civil engineer, an inventor and a pioneer for his development of structural steel in bridge building. Circles  in the Sky chronicles the life of the man responsible for creating, designing and building the Ferris Wheel, the only structure of its time to rival the Eiffel Tower as a landmark of a particular city. It is at the same time, the story of the Ferris clan, one the the nation’s oldest and most fascinating families.See Readers Comments

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Palamar Publishing
ISBN 0 932446 07 8

Forks in the Road     Through example and encouragement, this book offers a variety of strategies for taking charge. It presents engineers and other professions with paths to follow in their careers to bring more meaning to what they do. It illustrates how professionals fit into the broader community.
Rich Weingardt lived by this quote.  “The world is run by those who show up.” It is critical that more and more engineers and other professionals  “show up” in the big picture policy and decision-making positions. Through example and encouragement, Forks in the Road offers a variety of strategies for taking charge. Focusing on examples to practice your life in a way that brings more meaning to its purpose, it illustrates how professionals fit into the broader community. The book is meant for individuals who do not just want to fit in the background but give legitimate meaning to their efforts.See Readers Comments

U of CO Engrg/A Science ISBN 0 932446 08 6

U of CO Engrg/A Science
ISBN 0 932446 08 6

RAUT – Teacher, Leader, EngineerRemembering Roland Rautenstraus, PE
The twelfth President of the University of ColoradoRAUT is a page turner. It’s hard to put down. It is a masterful biography of a great man and a great university, and their love affair for a half century. Weingardt is to be highly applauded for the superb way he uses the voices of others in telling the story and describing Raut.”
– William Davis (Author, Glory Colorado)RAUT is a compelling story of a captivating civil engineer who made an indelible impression on everyone and everything he encountered. The author’s facile storytelling skills carry the reader easily from page to page, and chapter to chapter – a thoroughly enjoyable book.”
– Charles Hemming (Editor, ASCE News)

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Palamar Publishing
Library of Congress 78-54321

Sound the Charge   ….less than a mile from the Indian Village, they were still undiscovered. Wind stirred clouds of dust around them. Carr looked over his men, turned and ordered, ‘SOUND THE CHARGE!”……the soldiers wrapped the woman’s pitiful body in lodge skin robes. The young immigrant again broke into tears remembering the surrering she had shared with the dead woman….few among the rugged soldiers were untouched by her sorrow…In the summer of 1869, the US Cavalry and the Southern Cheyenne Indians engaged in what was possibly the most important battle fought on the entire central plains. The saga began with the capture of white women at Spillman Creek, Kansas and included a relentless chase over the hot dry plains into Colorado. The blue coats out of Fort McPherson, Nebraska, were led by General Carr with Buffalo Bill Cody as his Chief of Scouts.

Owner - Evelyn Weingardt

Owner – Evelyn Weingardt


Circular Cylindrical Shells by the Beam Method      Cylindrical shell analysis by the beam method consists of beam and arch calculations. The shell is assumed to act as a beam in the longitudinal direction and as an arch supported by tangential shearing forces in the transverse direction.Since the differential equation solutions of thin shells by the ordinary engineer are usually limited by the mathematics involved to loads of uniform intensity, many practical problems may not be adequately analyzed. The beam method, however, has no such limitations and is capable of handling almost any type of loading.

This publication includes tables for various loads.

Leather Bound Books

Leather Bound Books

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