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We provide complete structural and civil engineering design from feasibility studies through construction administration for all types of structures, materials and projects. This includes value engineering and project management.


Our client base ranges from City, County, and State agencies to architects and contractors, as well as other private and public entities. We address the needs of manufacturers of building materials and have extensive experience in the design of storage units.


Our services include specifications, commercial, retail, municipal, residential design analysis, working drawings, investigations, observations and reports, due-diligence evaluations, historic preservation and renovation solutions. The civil department focuses on design for industrial and high-tech facilities, roadways, bridges, water storage, and site improvement.


We approach each project with the purpose of providing expert technical services, including meeting specified deadlines and budgets. We provide professional services beginning with feasibility studies through preliminary and final design and continue with construction administration.

RWC has designed structural systems ranging from beams and columns to domes and cables. Taking into account the unique requirements of an individual client, site and budget, each building is investigated for specific load conditions and building codes. We investigate the best building materials to maximize performance and durability, whether it be concrete, wood framing or steel structural systems. We work with our clients to approach a workable solution making sure the aesthetic and correct performance requirements are maintained.

Design of site development, subdivision platting, street and roadways, utilities, domestic and fire protection, water and sanitation, treatment facilities, water storage and drainage and erosion control are basic engineering services provided by our firm.

Economical and efficient alternatives are provided, where applicable, of the critical design elements and criteria as identified.  Construction costs, aesthetics, and overall serviceability and usability are a priority.

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