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Prime Designer – All Disciplines, Design through Construction

PSZ_GUARDProject included dual fencing and bullet-proof guard stations, engineered to withstand the impact of mobile ground missiles by terrorists, alterations in the zone area plus new construction of 5 miles of fencing, 5 miles of roads, 6 acres of parking lots, 1,000,000 cubic yards of earthwork, entry buildings and other structures, and a new design for a 100-year storm drainage system. The plant remained in full operation during all phases of the construction, which took place over a three-year period. Tight tolerances were required due to security and safety concerns for permanent on-site personnel, equipment and operations as well as visitors to this Department of Energy Facility. After the initial phase – design bid-construct contract – RWC was hired to do on-call, indefinite delivery services for additional construction assignments and engineering design services. (RWC, Inc. provided full-time engineers on the job site during Construction)



Greenwood Village Trail Improvements & Soundwalls
Greenwood Village, Colorado

Prime Designer – All Disciplines, Design through Construction

Over an aggregate length of nearly three miles, eight separate trail segments were developed within the City to tie together existing trail systems. The trail systems are used by pedestrians, bicyclists, joggers, and equestrian riders. Each trail segment was reviewed for usage, alignment, location relative to residences and surrounding environment to determine the final type of surfacing. Three separate finished surfaces were designed: concrete, crushed fines and natural soil materials. Special consideration involved care and crossing of existing wetland areas and included coordination with the Army Corps of Engineers. Trail alignments were also coordinated with various utility agencies to provide adequate protection of waterline and sanitary sewer crossings, as well as existing landscaping. Designed as a single construction package, but with the ability of removing any one specific trail segment depending on available construction funds, the team utilized AutoCAD workstations to input survey data coordinates, right-of-way property line and utility locations to provide for accurate trail alignment. Four separate pedestrian bridges were designed utilizing economical pre-fabricated steel arch bridges with timber plank decking. The corrosion-resistant, high strength A588 steel was used to add an environmentally pleasing appearance to the structures. Architectural masonry soundwalls were also part of the work.




Budget & National Rental Facilities
Denver, Colorado

On this 7-acre site, RWC, Inc. provided grading, utilities, sanitary sewer services tied to the existing system, and storm sewer improvements. All utilities were tied into existing utilities within the roadway corridor. Site observations were also provided

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