Reader’s Comments

“Weingardt, as an eminent engineer and an accomplished author, is a legend himself. His collection of inspiring profiles is a fitting celebration of Civil Engineering true heroes. By showing how regular people became extra-ordinary people this work inspires all engineers to reach beyond their assumed limits and “be all that they can be.”
Henry J. Hatch, PE, Hon. M.ASCE. LTG (R), Former Chief of Engineers, US Army

“Richard Weingardt’s  Legends offers lively leadership lessons for tomorrow’s engineers. By studying the book’s stories, aspiring engineers will understand the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to achieve success and significance.”
Stuart G. Walesh, Ph.D., PE., Hon.M.ASCE, Owner, S.G.Walesh Consultiing

“This book uncovers the history of our profession. It puts human faces on the civil engineering leaders of the past. This is a great read for students, faculty, and practitioners.”

Jeffery S. Russell, PE, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, U of WI-Madison

“I hope copies of Circles in the Sky find their way into many public libraries as well as secondary schools and institutions of higher education. We live in a time when professions in science and technology, especially engineering, desperately need to attract talented young people to careers in these fields. Some argue it is key to America’s maintaining a place in the global economy. Just think: Reading Circles in the Sky and perhaps doing a book report or even a blog might lead a student to consider a career in engineering.”
Norman D. Anderson, Ph.D., Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Science Education,
N.C.State University.   Author of Ferris Wheels: An Illustrated History

“Only Richard Weingardt could have written this call to take up the challenge of leadership in society.”
Dr. Anthony Moulakis, Herbst Professor of Humanities for Engineers, U of Colorado

“With engaging gusto and contagious enthusiasm,
Weingardt calls upon his fellow engineers to take leadership responsibilities.”

Samuel C. Florman, Author, The Civilized Engineer, Partner, Kreisler, Borg, Florman

“A wealth of practical insightful information–
This should be required reading for every engineer.”
Dr. David W. Fowler, Taylor Professor in Engineering, U of Texas, Director, Intern’l Ctr for
Aggreggates Research

“A must read to help engineers regain their rightful leadership roles in society.”
Henry L. Michel, Chairman Emeritus, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.

“Richard Weingardt brings his lifelong experiences as both a worker and manager as insight to the engineering world of the future. His thoughts and perceptions are well worth reading.”
James McAnnally, President (Ret.), Lockheed Martin Astronautics




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