“During our firm’s 75 year history, we have worked with many engineering firms, all around the world. Weingardt is by far, the best structural and civil engineering firm we work with. Not only are they incredibly competent and capable of designing the most complex and sophisticated structures, but their fees are reasonable, and they are the most congenial and friendly people I know. When we have working meetings, such as value engineering sessions, they come ready to work, and actually design right in front of us! In fact, we always encourage Owners to add them to our team, whenever possible.
We prefer Weingardt.”

Angela O’Byrne, FAIA, LEED AP, President
Perez APC


“I have always enjoyed working with John Davis, Tom Fast, and the rest of the team at Richard Weingardt Consultants Inc. . Whenever they are on a project of ours I rest assured that they are one team member that I don’t have to overly manage. They are practical designers, attentive to the details, and they have never missed a deadline. Not to mention they collaborate with us in a positive way to help us realize our design vision.”

Jon Gambrill, AIA – Managing Director


“I have worked with Tom Fast and John Davis at Richard Weingardt Consultants on many projects over the years, including all of our high profile signature buildings. I have used them not only for Class A suburban office buildings, but also for quick reviews on structural capacities for tenant finishes and smaller projects as well. I find that Richard Weingardt Consultants are responsive and accurate and that they do not over-engineer. They are a valuable design team member and creative in solutions that help the architectural designers realize the goals of the building. I do not hesitate to recommend them.”

Carey Crain, EVP
Prime West Development, Inc. 


“Richard Weingardt Consultants (RWC) has provided structural and civil engineering services for Wong Strauch Architects (WSA) consistently for the past 25 years. During that time frame RWC has been an integral part of our Team on over 90 projects. RWC has always  been a major, positive asset to our Team and their Structural Engineering experience can be relied upon. Creative solutions, straightforward communication and immediate response are the reason WSA will continue this relationship into the future. Over this span of years we have experienced many satisfied Clients and zero claims from the services they have provided our Team. We would highly recommend Richard Weingardt Consultants. 


In addition to RWC’s aviation experience (see below) they have provided Structural Engineering services for WSA on numerous Retail projects. Educational projects, Municipal projects, and Health related projects. Recently they assisted WSA with the City of BlackHawk Miner’s Mesa Maintenance and Administration facility. This 23,000 SF facility won the APWA Small Structures Award in 2014.

Please feel free to contact me with questions about Richard Weingardt Consultants.”

G. Kevin Sullivan, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
President, Wong Strauch Architects


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